Research Lab on Urban Landscapes and Architecture


Design Exchange has partnered with Roxul to challenge Canadian Architecture andInterior Design students to recreate a living

space within a home.

The challenge is to create a living space, using the provided plan of a typical unfinished
.  The space may be designed to contain any combination of a small washroom,
laundry facilities, a home theatre system, a small home office area, and a convertible
area to accommodate overnight guests.

Projects should utilize the Roxul products ComfortBatt and/or Safe’n’Sound, maximizing
comfort and safety for the end user.  Submitted projects should detail where, why, and
how the Roxul products have been incorporated.

The submission should contain an overall sense of the renovation of the space, through
floor plans, elevations, and details.  A written description (of no more that 500 words)
must accompany the submission, detailing how the project meets the design criteria and
the development process.

Design Objectives

• DESIGN – should be aesthetically superior and interesting
• FLEXIBILITY – the design should consider flexible use of space for growing
families with changing needs
• UNIVERSAL DESIGN – the design should consider Universal Design principles
• EFFICIENCY – the design should make use of the space in the most efficient way
• PRODUCT USE – the project should incorporate Roxul ComfortBatt and/or
Safe’n’Sound, maximizing comfort and safety for the end user

Entry Deadline: Friday March 26th, 2010.


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