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The High Cost of Ignoring Beauty

This is an article by Roger Scruton, published in the December issue of “The American”. Have a look!      ~kl


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Radiant Dark 2010: Assets & Values

An exhibition of modern Canadian Design

January 20-24, 2010

More info:

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It is winter now. The gray tint of the sky blends with the concrete landscape. In such weather, where clouds are the first degree of aperture, concrete structures somewhat loss their presence as thermal mass, and seem much more colder. It all brings me to a place polar opposite of the holiday spirit.

Just yesterday, I talked to a friend from school. She just came back from Dominican Republic. I listened to her compliant about how damn depressing this city sometimes can be, and how she cried after she had returned home. I empathized with her.

However, it is hard to control the entrance of light and the movement of clouds, though I am sure some body somewhere is working on that. Canada’s weather is what it is, and we learn to live with it. Perhaps designers can visualize how a building can look on gray days like today, so that we can feel great even when the weather is not necessarily so.      kl

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The Rem Koolhaas house in France. A documentary film(houselife) by Louise Lemoine and Ila Beka about the daily antics of the housekeeper Guadalupe Acedo through The House in Bordeaux(1998). Just as interesting is the special features that hosts an interview with Koolhaas watching the movie. He speaks of platonics of architecture and of cleaning and also of architecture as hypothesis. This looks at an idea of architects as scientists. Architectural projects as propostitions and hypothesis that need an analysis with the final project as the solution. What is missing is the resolution. Too often of times do architectural projects get built and are left to their own devices to survive in the world.

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HYDROCity asks: What forms of urbanism and landscape systems will emerge, and what design potentials exist, in this expanding liquid infrastructure?

The show will feature examples from around the world of attempts at solving the question by looking at the relationship between cities and water.


DATE | 5 November – 5 January

LOCATION | Toronto Free Gallery, 1277 Bloor Street West, Toronto

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