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It is winter now. The gray tint of the sky blends with the concrete landscape. In such weather, where clouds are the first degree of aperture, concrete structures somewhat loss their presence as thermal mass, and seem much more colder. It all brings me to a place polar opposite of the holiday spirit.

Just yesterday, I talked to a friend from school. She just came back from Dominican Republic. I listened to her compliant about how damn depressing this city sometimes can be, and how she cried after she had returned home. I empathized with her.

However, it is hard to control the entrance of light and the movement of clouds, though I am sure some body somewhere is working on that. Canada’s weather is what it is, and we learn to live with it. Perhaps designers can visualize how a building can look on gray days like today, so that we can feel great even when the weather is not necessarily so.      kl


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2 Responses

  1. thecatsman says:

    I totaly understand.I’d like to cry about the weather down here in Wisconsin too…Just gotta live with it…

  2. andreychernykh says:

    I agree…imagine how it feels in New York where sometimes streets are as narrow as some of the ones in European cities, and towers around them exceed in height the ones in Toronto. The permanence of concrete and its pervasiveness is what we need to deal with as designers.

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