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Imagining the Mississippi

30 design ideas to improve the quality of Minneapolis’ riverfront.

Imagine the Mississippi


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Lecture on Landscape and Architecture by Stan Allen

Great lecture by Stan Allen on looking at adaptable architecture and landscape design in a largely urban setting.

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Second Contribution to Spacing blog – Portlands Design Intervention

My second contribution to Spacing blog as part for my summer workshop at OCAD called Cities for People.

Portlands Design Intervention


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Portlands article on Spacing blog

Here is my contribution to Spacing Blog on Portlands neighbourhood as part of summer workshop at OCAD called “Cities for People” taught by Shawn Micaleff.

Portlands article


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Toronto Botanical Garden

Dembroski Centre and the TGB

If we disregard the fact that the Toronto Botanical Gardens lies in between naturally tailored habitat and a cemented parking lot there is high potential for a system that is giving back rather than trampling on natural habitat. The environment is thriving due to the systemic interrelationship between the cistern that collects rainwater that connects back into the irrigation and nourishes the organisms at the surface. This cyclical pattern is an example of eco-effectiveness, acting like the cherry tree in Cradle to Cradle, by enriching the resources that are essential for its survival through a production and waste pattern. TBG is eco-effective in this way because the water collection and distribution method is creating a dynamic living environment for plants, insects and animals.
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