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Imagining the Mississippi

30 design ideas to improve the quality of Minneapolis’ riverfront.

Imagine the Mississippi


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Lecture on Landscape and Architecture by Stan Allen

Great lecture by Stan Allen on looking at adaptable architecture and landscape design in a largely urban setting.

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Second Contribution to Spacing blog – Portlands Design Intervention

My second contribution to Spacing blog as part for my summer workshop at OCAD called Cities for People.

Portlands Design Intervention


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Perspectives for a Conversation about Innovation by Alexander Manu


In this document strategic innovator Alexander Manu who is a professor in OCAD, talks about the power of imagination and an act of suspending habit as keys to creating the future that we desire.  By addressing the current trends in human behaviour and technology and putting the reader in an empowered position, he argues that human desire as a primary element which should be used to ask questions about everything that is around us not to just improve but to reinvent and truly shape “tomorrow.Perspectives4Innovation”

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Design of a University Residence Building

International Student Competition for the Design of a University Residence Building
Location:  Toronto, Canada

The site is located on the campus of Ryerson University. The residence building will  provide housing and related facilities for a representative cross section of the University’s population, including students, faculty, administrative staff, and visiting scholars. The site and competition brief call for creative thinking in terms of the conception of affordable, high-rise accommodation for university campuses situated in dense, inner-city conditions.

Things to consider

  • Has the idea of the university changed over time?
  • Has the residence changed in relation to the university?
  • Can the design of the residence enhance students’ learning experience?
  • Can it help build the surrounding community?
  • Can a student residence act as a catalyst for positive change and renewal of the environment?

Deadline: Before December 28 2009

Registration is soon

October 16 2009

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