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Lebbeus Woods on Experimental Projects

“There is a more critical reason for experimental projects of different kinds than the practical benefits that may—or may not—result from them. The truth is that most experiments lead nowhere and judged from a strict cost-benefit viewpoint are a waste. However, learning and invention are notoriously inefficient, requiring many failed attempts and dead-ended explorations to find one that is fertile enough to open out onto a rich new landscape of possibilities. If a society is unwilling to tolerate such waste it will stagnate. In today’s world, which is under tremendous pressures of change, a vital and growing society not only tolerates but actively supports experimentation as the only way to transform the difficulties created by change into creative opportunities to enhance and deepen human experience. This is doubly true for the field of architecture which, charged with continuously remaking the world, is at the forefront of this struggle.”


Well stated point by Lebbeus Woods, we cant undermine the validity of innovation that lies within the experimental projects especially in architecture.


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Imagining the Mississippi

30 design ideas to improve the quality of Minneapolis’ riverfront.

Imagine the Mississippi

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Portlands article on Spacing blog

Here is my contribution to Spacing Blog on Portlands neighbourhood as part of summer workshop at OCAD called “Cities for People” taught by Shawn Micaleff.

Portlands article


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Rural Studio – a perfect place for a design student

Environmental Design at OCAD needs that, perhaps as a permanent and affordable fixture.


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Losing Site: Architecture, Memory and Place

DATE | 17 November, 12:00 to 2:00 pm

LOCATION | Room 1009, Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) Building, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto

DESCRIPTION | Architectural historian and York University visual arts professor Shelley Hornstein uses several case studies to demonstrate different ways imaginary and real representations of buildings and places trigger, create and shape memory. Her presentation is an overview of her forthcoming book of the same title. Hornstein argues that architecture is best remembered by experiencing a place. The buildings of an experienced environment are vividly preserved in memory. Yet when the architecture is no longer present (for example, if we’ve left the place, or the architecture is demolished), or if a site is only ever experienced second-hand through photos and descriptions, people carry on remembering those locations. How does architecture, as a built material object, become iconic in non-architectural forms? What is the relationship between the built object and the visual and textual body of imagery that enables our imagination to, in effect, “transport” architecture elsewhere? In what ways do ideas or images we remember of certain buildings or places endure in our memory? What is the relationship of a physical place or building to an idea with a site or object as the material match to anchor or trigger the recollection?

Posted by Andrey Chernykh

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Experiential Architecture Sparked by Gordon Grice at OCAD

Gordon Grice, a memeber of Ontario Association of Architects gave a lecture on October 2008.  Title of the lecture was Experiential Environmental Design.  While a lot of the lecture might be gearing towards which types of renderings work better, the topic of “experiential” architecture is interesting. Can we explore the relationship between people and spaces?

  • World view and personal view of space
  • Alternative world view: where we can begin to look at different culture to gain a new perspective
  • Spaces as places

img. The Blur Building, on Lake Neuchatel for Swiss Expo 2002  Architect: Diller Scofidio + Renfro

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Ryerson M. Arch Thesis Reviews

Here’s an event that seems interesting.

DATES | 16-30 October

LOCATION | Rm ARC202 (The PIT), Ryerson University Architecture Building, 325 Church Street, Toronto

DESCRIPTION | The first graduates of the Ryerson University’s Master of Architecture Program publicly present their theses. All are welcome to attend.

16 October | Ben Gaum 10:00 AM | David Platt 11:00 AM | William Harispuru 1:00 PM | Jorge Silva 2:00 PM | Thesis Exhibition Reception 4:00 PM

27 October | Joginder Dhanjal 1:00 PM | Roman Pevcevicius 2:00 PM | Roy Basso 3:00 PM | Mark Siemecki 4:00 PM | Timothy Mitanidis 5:00 PM

29 October | Robert Coelho 10:00 AM | Leila Mazhari 11:00 AM | Sander Waxman 1:00 PM | Clayton Payer 2:00 PM
Jordan Breccia 3:00 PM

30 October | Johann Atterbury 1:00 PM | Lawrence Ng 2:00 PM

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Design of a University Residence Building

International Student Competition for the Design of a University Residence Building
Location:  Toronto, Canada

The site is located on the campus of Ryerson University. The residence building will  provide housing and related facilities for a representative cross section of the University’s population, including students, faculty, administrative staff, and visiting scholars. The site and competition brief call for creative thinking in terms of the conception of affordable, high-rise accommodation for university campuses situated in dense, inner-city conditions.

Things to consider

  • Has the idea of the university changed over time?
  • Has the residence changed in relation to the university?
  • Can the design of the residence enhance students’ learning experience?
  • Can it help build the surrounding community?
  • Can a student residence act as a catalyst for positive change and renewal of the environment?

Deadline: Before December 28 2009

Registration is soon

October 16 2009

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